Season 5 | Episode #5ABF08 | 05/12/14 @ 06:00pm

Marge becomes addicted to playing slot machines after the town of Springfield legalizes gambling.

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The town of Springfield suffers an economic slowdown, causing the government to close Fort Springfield and Mr. Burns to lay off employees. Mayor Quimby holds a town meeting and asks for ideas. Skinner suggests that gambling be legalized, an idea that even Marge supports. The plan is adopted and the townspeople celebrate, believing their troubles are over.

The effects of the decision change the town overnight. Mr. Burns builds his own casino in the Boardwalk section of Springfield, where Homer is employed as a blackjack dealer and Gerry Cooney greets guests. Bart converts his tree house into a casino and invites other children to gamble. Marge slowly becomes addicted to slot machines and ignores her family. Mr. Burns becomes incredibly rich and, like Howard Hughes, grows paranoid that germs are everywhere.

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With her mother gone for days, Lisa senses Marge may have become addicted to gambling. Bart, meanwhile, welcomes singer Robert Goulet to his treehouse club. Marge arrives home late one night and finds Homer and the children cowering behind a mattress, afraid the Boogeyman will get them. Lisa makes Marge promise to help her make a costume for her upcoming Geography Pageant. But Marge fails to return home in time and Homer creates an ugly Florida costume by himself. Seeing how ugly the costume is, Lisa bursts into tears. Homer, enraged, confronts Marge at the casino and accuses her of breaking a promise to her child. Realizing what she has done, Marge leaves the casino immediately and finally admits to Homer—and to herself—that she has developed a serious gambling problem.

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