Season 4 | Episode #4ABF11 | 04/15/14 @ 06:00pm

Selma decides to take her dead aunt’s advice and have children before it is too late.

The family makes plans for a fun-filled day at Duff Gardens. But Marge gets word that her Aunt Gladys has died. Her funeral is on the day the family was planning their trip to Duff Gardens. Homer is disappointed when they cancel their trip so they can attend Gladys’s funeral. Following the services, Lionel Hutz shows Gladys’s video will. To Marge, she leaves her collection of potato chips that resemble movie stars. To her sister, she leaves her pet iguana. To Patty and Selma, she leaves her grandfather clock and a bit of advice. She tells them to have children so they will not spend their lives alone and lonely.

Selma decides she wants to have a baby. Selma tries in vain to find a half-way decent man to date. But the best she can do is Mr. Moleman, who can barely see. When he tries to kiss her, she decides he is too ugly to be the father of her children. As a last resort, she considers a sperm bank. When the big day comes for the family to go to Duff Gardens, Homer wakes up sick. To give Selma a taste of what it is like to be a mother, Marge asks her to take the kids to Duff Gardens while she stays home to care for Homer.

Bart and Lisa wear Selma out. Bart gets trapped on a roller coaster and Lisa drinks stagnant water and ends up hallucinating. The day turns into Selma’s worst nightmare. Happy to get the kids home, Selma decides kids are just too much to handle. She happily decides to care for the iguana instead.

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