Season 3 | Episode #3ABF17 | 03/20/14 @ 06:00pm

The Simpsons must choose between frills and their dog when Santa’s Little Helper needs an expensive operation to save its life.

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Homer gets a good feeling that he is going to win the $130 million lottery and buys a lot of tickets. No one notices that Santa’s Little Helper has taken seriously ill. When the winning numbers are read on TV, none of Homer’s numbers even come close. Santa’s Little Helper collapses and is rushed to the hospital. The vet tells Homer and Marge their dog has a twisted stomach and requires a $750 operation. They decide they do not have the money. Realizing Homer is planning on letting Santa’s Little Helper die, Bart is crushed. But after Santa’s Little Helper licks Homer, he decides to get the dog the operation.

In order to afford the operation, everyone in the family has to give up something. For Homer, it is beer, which nearly kills him. Marge cuts back by cooking no frill meals. Following the operation, Santa’s Little Helper is completely healed. But the Simpsons feel resentful because they are forced to live a life of austerity. They take their frustrations out on the dog. One night, Homer leaves the front gate open and Santa’s Little Helper wanders off. The family is guilt stricken and miss their little dog terribly.

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Santa’s Little Helper is picked up by the dog catcher and sent to the pound. Looking for an attack dog, Burns checks the pound and takes Santa’s Little Helper home with him. After teaching Santa’s Little Helper to be a blood thirsty attack dog, he puts him in with the other voracious beasts to guard his mansion. When Bart enters the mansion looking for Santa’s Little Helper, Burns releases the dogs. Santa’s Little Helper sees Bart but does not recognize him at first. About to lunge for the kill, he suddenly remembers Bart. He gives Bart a lick across the face and then turns to face down the rest of the charging hounds, scaring them off. Bart and his dog are reunited and go home where Santa’s Little Helper is given a warm homecoming.

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