Season 8 | Episode #7ABF23 | 03/15/14 @ 09:00pm


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Homer tells his family that he was hired by the Globex Corporation, a company located in far away Cypress Creek. After viewing a Globex promotional video extolling the virtues of the idyllic Cypress Creek community, Marge, Lisa and Bart agree that relocating might not be such a bad idea. When they are unable to sell their home, Homer and Marge post an “abandoned” sign over the front door. The family members say their last good-byes to their friends and make the long drive upstate.

The Simpsons are immediately impressed with their modest but extremely well-kept home. Shortly after their arrival, the family is greeted by Homer’s new boss, Hank Scorpio. Homer is pleasantly surprised by his boss’s down-to-earth style—and he’s equally happy with his new job at Globex. Homer even tells Scorpio that it’s always been his life-long ambition to own the Dallas Cowboy football team. The rest of the family, however, finds that adjusting to life in paradise is not as easy as it seems. Unaccustomed to the lack of housework, Marge begins drinking. Bart, meanwhile, is relegated to his school’s remedial program after teachers realize he is unfamiliar with cursive handwriting. And Lisa discovers she’s hopelessly allergic to the area’s flora and fauna.

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Homer approaches his boss about purchasing some hammocks for his overworked staff. Scorpio interrupts the conversation briefly and addresses members of the United Nations via television. Scorpio tells the UN delegates that he has perfected a doomsday device. Though Homer overhears the entire conversation, he remains oblivious to its implications. Despite Homer’s new found happiness, the rest of his family unanimously voices disapproval with their new surroundings. As government troops attack Scorpio’s outpost, Homer informs his boss that he and his family are moving back to Springfield. Though disappointed, Scorpio agrees that Homer must do what’s best for his loved ones. The Simpsons return to their still-abandoned home, where they discover the Denver Broncos on their front lawn—a token of Hank Scorpio’s esteem. Homer cannot hide his disappointment.

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