Celebs attending the 2014 Academy Awards will leave with some amazing free swag inside their goodie bags. The entire collection has an estimated value of more than $80,000 according to Business Insider. That’s almost twice as much as last year’s bag, valued at a paltry $48,000.

Whether they win an Oscar or not, here are a few sure things the nominees will be taking home:

Free Time

The Slow Watch may not keep celebs on time, but at least they will have an idea of how late they are. This $300 timepiece is “slow” because the single hand moves slowly over a 24-hour face. The Slow Watch website says, “slow is not a speed, it’s a mindset most of us somehow lost.”


‘O’ is for orgasm and the O-Shot purportedly will work wonders for a celebrity’s sex drive and make them better in bed. Perhaps the most unique item in this year’s goodie bag, it’s the hardest to describe. Check out the O-Shot website if you need to know more.

Walk Across Japan Or Play In Vegas

Valued at $15,000, Walk Japan promises a different vision of the island nation. If travel abroad is not an option, there is a $9000 trip to Las Vegas that includes 2 tix to NBA Summer League, 2 seats an a Loui Anderson show and a meet and greet with Boyz II Men at the Mirage.

Dosha Pops

Stars can suck on this array of free herbal tea lollipops by Dosha Pops. The $35 six-pack has flavors like “chai me up” and “head over hibiscus.”

Hawaiian Vacation

After all the Oscar frenzy, stars can go chill out poolside, or on the beach with a gift certificate from the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii.


Celebrities can pour some high-end maple syrup from Rouge Maple worth $250 over their pancakes in the morning and use the accompanying free gift certificate to adopt a tree.

Natural Supplements For Pets

Hollywood pets need swag, too, and Epic Pet Health has given them $1500 worth of animal-friendly electrolyte supplements.

Hair Transplants

Not to be confused with hair plugs, this free hair transplant procedure uses a computer algorithm to remove and replace hair evenly. The result looks natural on-cam and off.

Clog-Free Drains

After their transplant, stars can keep all that new hair out of their drains with the DrainWig. They’ll never have to worry about clogged drains again, and never touch the yuck.

Hawaiian Vacation

After all that Oscar madness, stars can go chill out poolside, or on the beach with a gift certificate from the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii.


Headspace.com has thrown in a lifetime membership to a “meditation gym” where celebs can clear their heads before that next Oscar-winning role.

O Canada!

O Canada! Land of breathtaking scenery, glacier-fed lakes, majestic mountains and ferocious rivers — this gift is a train ride stars will remember aboard Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, from Vancouver to Alberta.