- R. Del Rosario | CBS Local

(CBS SF) – In non-Fallon talk show news, Jay Leno surprised Arsenio Hall Wednesday night with an appearance to confirm Hall’s show will go on for another season.

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The former “Tonight Show” host sneaked up behind Hall during his monologue and completely shocking the late night host. Leno said “For some reason they thought it would be the best person to deliver this.” Not even the band was in on it. He then pulled out an envelope and read the contents of the letter that stated Hall’s show has been picked up of a second season.

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Leno then wished his friend of 35 years the best of luck and that he will return on Hall’s second season, but jokingly as the host.

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The Arsenio Hall Show airs on KBCW 44 Cable 12, weeknights at 11:00pm.