Season 3 | Episode #39 | 02/27/14 @ 06pm

Bart fraternizes with a gang of mobsters and becomes the prime suspect when Principal Skinner mysteriously disappears.

Bart wakes up in a great mood. His homework is done, it is a beautiful day and he is going on a school field trip. Life could not be better. But his life is soon going to take a turn for the worse. Homer gets to Bart’s box of cereal first and takes the toy. Santa’s Little Helper eats his homework. He misses the school bus, gets caught in a thunder storm on his walk to school and is forty minutes late for class. His usual pranks backfire, and Bart humiliates himself in front of his schoolmates. And to top it off, he forgets his permission slip to go on the field trip. While the other kids happily file into the bus, Bart marches off to Principal Skinner’s office to lick envelopes.

On his way home, Bart is caught in another down pour. His skateboard goes out of control, sending him crashing down the stairs of a hang out for mobsters. The mobsters, Fat Tony, Louie and Joey, are impressed with Bart’s spunk and give him a job tending bar. After Marge finds out what Bart is doing, she asks Homer to talk to their son. Homer pays the mobsters a visit and asks if he can get Lisa a job too. When Fat Tony finds out that Principal Skinner is making Bart stay after school, the mobsters pay Skinner a visit.

The next day, Skinner is missing. Bart dreams that Fat Tony and his mobsters killed Skinner. Bart sneaks out of the house to confront Fat Tony. Just as he gets there, the police bust in. Fat Tony immediately pegs Skinner’s disappearance on Bart. Bart is thrown in jail and given a trial. Following testimony from those who know Bart, he is quickly found guilty. But as Bart is about to be cuffed, Skinner rushes in. He tells the court that he has been stuck in his garage after a stack of newspapers crashed down on him. A free man, Bart quits his job, having learned that mobsters make lousy friends. Later, the Simpsons watch their story as dramatized by a movie-of-the-week.

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