99.7 [NOW!]’s Letty B. catches up w/ Demi Lovato right before her show in San Jose…


SAN JOSE (99.7 NOW) – When 99.7 [NOW!]’s Letty B. caught up with Demi Lovato backstage before her show at SAP Center in San Jose, the two talked about Demi’s love of fashion, her favorite snacks while on the road and her love for manicure/pedicures.

One of Demi Lovato’s favorite pastimes is sharing shots of her latest finger nail art on Instagram but while touring she has to curb her nail creativity.


“Mine are really boring right now,” Admitted Lovato, “Because they get messed up on the road with playing guitar.”

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Lovato explained that her make-up artist occasionally throws a quick coat on her nails but one of her secrets is gels.

“It’s really bad but I try to keep gel on my nails. Do it on your toes.” Shared Lovato, “You know how when you get a pedicure and it lasts for a couple of weeks. If you get it in gels it lasts so much longer. It is amazing.”

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What does her dressing room look like on the road? “It’s a mess! I have clothes everywhere. The only thing I really have that is cool is I like candles.”

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