Season 2 | Episode #25 | 02/07/14 @ 06pm

Marge recounts to her children how she and Homer first met and fell in love.

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When the Simpsons’ television breaks and the family is left with nothing to do but talk, Marge decides to tell her children about how she and Homer met and fell in love. The year is 1974, and a young Homer is smoking cigarettes and ditching class with his friend Barney. While Homer is a rebel without a clue, Marge is kindling a national women’s movement by being the first to burn her bra. Both Homer and Marge end up in detention hall, and when Homer sees her, falls instantly in love.

To impress Marge and make her have the same feeling of unabated love, Homer signs up on the debate team. When Artie Ziff squares off against Homer in a heated debate, he wins easily. To counter in his own unique way, Homer pulls down his pants and moons him. Thrown off the debate team, Homer uses another tack, and asks Marge to tutor him in French. Taking what he has learned, he sweet talks Marge in the language of love, until she is putty in his hands. After accepting his invitation to go the prom, Marge finds out that he does not care about French or the debate team or anything else. He is only interested in her. Despite being told that she hates him, finds him utterly detestable and has no respect for him, Homer thinks they are still going to the prom. Homer rents a flashy powder blue tux and a limousine, unaware that Marge has already accepted Artie Ziff’s invitation to the prom. Homer is crushed to discover the truth.

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Undaunted, he goes to the prom alone, cheering wildly when Marge wins the title of Prom Queen. When Artie and Marge ride to Inspiration Point after the prom. Homer does likewise. Finally, Homer gives up and walks home. When Artie tries to get romantic with Marge in the backseat of his car, Marge demands to be taken home. On the way, they pass Homer. Marge returns and picks Homer up, realizing that he was the man for her all along.

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