Season 2 | Episode #19 | 01/30/14 @ 06pm

Homer and Ned Flanders pressure their sons to win a miniature golf championship.

Homer mows the lawn as Bart works on his science project. Homer is invited to the house of his neighbor, Ned Flanders, for a beer. When Homer sees Flanders’ game room, with beer on tap, and that his son, Todd, is loving and brilliant in school, Homer thinks Flanders is bragging about his lifestyle. Homer storms out of the Flanders’ home. That night, Flanders gives Homer an apologetic note, which the whole family, save Marge, finds hysterical.

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Later, Homer and Bart run into Flanders and Todd at the miniature golf course. Still feeling put down by Flanders obvious success, Homer boasts that Bart is going to win the big, miniature golf championship. Equally convinced in his son’s abilities, Flanders advises Homer to not put too much pressure on Bart, since Todd will also enter. Despite his most ardent efforts, Bart’s putting continues to suffer. Feeling Bart’s anguish, Lisa shows him an ancient oriental method of concentration. Using his new Zen approach to golf, Bart’s game improves dramatically. Determined to show Flanders up, Homer challenges him to put his money where his mouth is and bet on the game. They agree that the “father of the boy who doesn’t win” has to mow the other’s lawn while wearing their wives best dress.

Both Todd and Bart are pressured to win, knowing how hard their fathers are pulling for victory. Going into the last hole, the score is tied. Ready to take their last shot at victory or defeat, Todd and Bart are well aware of the dire consequences if they lose. Seeing a way out of their dilemma, Bart and Todd agree to quit and finish the game tied. Without a winner, Homer and Flanders both put on their wives clothes and mow each other’s lawn.

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