Season 10 | Episode #13 | 01/22/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer changes his name when a dimwitted television show character named “Homer Simpson” becomes an overnight sensation.

The Simpsons eagerly await the premiere of the television networks’ mid-season replacements. Amongst the new crop of shows is PoliceCop, which features a cool protagonist named “Homer Simpson.” Homer is pleased with the coincidence, and soon begins receiving calls of congratulations for having a famous name. His stock also rises with star-struck fellow employees, and even the local media picks up the story. But in the second show of the series, the character with Homer’s name is rewritten—and transformed into dimwitted comic relief, complete with his own catch phrase. Soon after, Homer becomes the laughing stock of Springfield.

Lisa tells Homer that television producers often tweak a series after the initial pilot is filmed. Eventually, Homer grows fed up with the constant humiliation and secludes himself in the attic. An increasingly concerned Marge suggests that he seek out the show’s producers in hopes of getting them to revert the character back to his former suave self. Homer takes the advice and meets with the producers. But they maintain that viewers’ jaws hung open whenever the dimwitted Homer character was on screen… prompting them to consume more snacks manufactured by the show’s sponsors. At his wit’s end, Homer goes to court and has his name changed to “Max Power.”

The dynamic-sounding name causes Homer’s self-confidence to rise dramatically. His positive attitude attracts the attention of a young professional named Trent Steel, who invites Homer to an upcoming garden party. When Homer and Marge arrive at the party, they discover a number of celebrities in attendance, as well as President Clinton, who makes a pass at Marge. Trent Steel gains everyone’s attention and makes an impassioned speech about endangered forests. The guests are then loaded onto a bus and transported to Springfield Forest. There the party guests stage a protest by chaining themselves to trees. Wiggum and his men are called to the scene, and one of the officers attempts to swab Homer’s eyes with mace. Still chained to the trunk, Homer begins running around the tree… eventually causing it to fall over. The tree topples into another tree, causing a domino effect that levels the entire forest. Later, Homer changes his name back to “Homer Simpson” in an effort to evade prosecution.

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