01/06/14 @ 6pm
The Simpsons - 'Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire'

(credit: Simpsons Wikia/The CW)


Homer, Marge, and baby Maggie attend Springfield Elementary School’s annual Christmas pageant to see Lisa and Bart perform with their class. With the holiday just around the corner, Marge asks her children what they would like from Santa. Lisa requests a pony, and Bart asks for a tattoo. Marge takes the kids to a mall to buy presents. Spying a tattoo parlor, Bart decides to get what he wants for Christmas. Lying about his age, Bart gets a “Mother” tattoo. With only the “M-o-t-h” completed, Marge bursts in and drags Bart out. She spends the family’s Christmas money on removing Bart’s tattoo and relies on Homer’s Christmas bonus to buy the children presents. But despite a profitable year, Homer’s company decides not to give its employees a bonus.

Discovering he has no money for Christmas, Homer refuses to give in. He gets a job as a Santa Claus at a mall. But after paying for his costume, training, and deductions, he is left with only thirteen dollars. When Bart goes to the mall and decides to harass Santa Claus, he sits on Homer’s lap and pulls off his beard. Getting a hot tip from Barney, dressed as a Santa, Homer and Bart head for the dog track. But instead of betting on the hot tip, Homer gets a hunch on another dog, Santa’s Little Helper. Homer’s hunch finishes last.

While Homer and Bart walk out of the track, dejected, Santa’s Little Helper is being given the boot by his ex-owner for losing another race. Bart is ecstatic when his father reluctantly agrees to keep the dog. The pair return home with the mutt, ready to explain how there will be no Christmas. But Marge and Lisa assume Santa’s Little Helper is the family present and are overjoyed. Singing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” the Simpsons gather together with Grandpa Simpson and Marge’s two sisters, Patty and Selma, and celebrate a very merry Christmas.

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