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Kat Graham (credit: Last.FM)

Kat Graham (credit: Last.FM)

SAN FRANCISCO (99.7NOW) – Ryan Riccetti of 99.7 [NOW!]’s “Pop Now” got the chance to chat with Kat Graham, well-known for her character “Bonnie Bennett” on “The Vampire Diaries” and her rapidly rising music career. This week, she’s releasing her brand new single, Power, and we’ve got a peak at the recording process, her connection to the song, and some of her favorite musical inspirations!


Search far and wide, but you’ll be hard pressed so find someone with as much quadruple-threat potential as Kat Graham. With countless acting, modeling, and dancing gigs already under her belt, Graham has spent the past several years developing her sound as a musician. She’s already released a handful of EPs and singles, including the wildly catchy Put Your Graffiti On Me, but now she’s finally poised to storm the charts with her newest single, Power.

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Produced by Mitch Allan (Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack), the track is by far Kat’s most radio-friendly work to date. The verses tell the story of a wallflower-turned-superwoman as she discovers strength through a thriving relationship. Of course, the real star of the show is the enormous, crashing chorus, which gives Kat ample room to belt the inspiring lyrics. The drum-heavy beat is equally intense and points Graham towards a new, edgier sound (Think Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, without all the disco flair).

While it may seem easy to categorize Power as just another self-empowering anthem, Kat pointed out that that the record isn’t just about independence: “I thought that all it meant to be powerful [was] to be completely self-sufficient. As I’m getting older, I realize that there is some strength in being vulnerable and being open… and for me to really give the credit to somebody else and say…, ‘You were the one who pushed me forward. You gave me that power.’”

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Hear Kat describe the recording process and what the song means to her:

When asked about embracing a new, edgier sound, Graham noted, “Out of all the new songs I recorded, Power was probably one of the least aggressive that I have done… My music is naturally much more aggressive [and] urban.” To accompany this sound, Graham also plans to pull inspiration from 90’s pop, referencing Fiona Apple, Garbage, and Madonna’s “The Immaculate Collection” as several of her current musical favorites. Based on those references alone, we’re confident that Kat’s debut album is shaping up to be pretty solid! As for now, we’ll just keep enjoying Power and anxiously wait for this multi-talented star to make her next move.

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