Ed Sheeran performs at Alice's Summerthing 2013 (credit: Alice@97.3)

Ed Sheeran performs at Alice’s Summerthing 2013 (credit: Alice@97.3)

SAN FRANCISCO (KBCW/ALICE@97.3) – Despite a typical foggy summer day in San Francisco, fans of Alice@97.3 braved the unsettled weather to see their favorites perform at this year’s Alice’s Summerthing at Golden Gate Park.

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Fans gather at Alice’s Summerthing 2013 (credit: Alice@97.3)

According to weather reports, Sunday would bring in cold, wet weather, starting early from the north and later throughout the Bay Area. But by the time the first act, Alameda-band “Finish Ticket” hit the stage, the rain had already reached Golden Gate Park. To make matters appear worse, the park reached it’s capacity levels and the doors had to be closed off. Forcing many fans to scramble around the perimeter fencing to sneak a peek into whatever gapping hole they can find in order to watch.

Undiscouraged by all, the capacity crowd stood up on their feet, welcomed the rain and rocked out with all the artists.

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Sometime after Sara Bareilles performed her set, Alice@97.3 personality, Marcus D. made an announcement regarding headliner Ed Sheeran’s arrival. Marcus gave everyone the apologetic option to either “call it a day” or stick around and hope for Sheeran’s arrival. Too the majority of the crowd, leaving was not an option.

Sara Bareilles performs at Alice’s Summerthing 2013 (credit: Alice@97.3)

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Ed Sheeran performs at Alice’s Summerthing 2013 (credit: Alice@97.3)

At a little after 5:30pm, Ed Sheeran makes it to the park to a patiently awaiting crowd whose numbers hardly diminished. He then performed a full set and ending with his hit single “The A-Team.” All in all, despite the many set-backs, Alice’s Summerthing was not just a “concert-thing,” but instead became something much more. Unforgettable.

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