- Bradford Hornsby, CBS San Francisco

SAN BRUNO (CW BAY AREA) – The Brazilian variety show Programa Silvo Santos is taking candid camera pranks to a whole new level. In a recent episode, the show terrified unsuspecting victims with an elevator prank to end all pranks. Already the video has gone viral with close to 3million views on San Bruno-based, YouTube, within two days.

The scene starts off as a basic ‘haunting’ gag with the elevator breaking down and lights flickering – a scenario that is probably terrifying enough for most people. What happens next may have led to real trauma for the unsuspecting prank victims. While the lights are off a small girl holding a doll slips into the elevator via a hidden access panel and proceeds to let out a blood curdle scream.


Watch “Menina Fantasma no Elevador” (Translates “Ghost Girl in Elevator”) below and let us know if you think this is funny or a really cruel joke.

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