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In the final few moments of The L.A. Complex’ summer (editor’s note: ridiculously short!) season finale, Raquel (Jewel Staite) received a bombshell by way of positive pregnancy test. The struggling actress seemed just finally on the edge of greatness– finding a role that would be perfect for her and scraping together interest and funds at all costs– only to have it potentially be ripped out from under her once again. How different would Raquel’s life look with a baby on her hip around The Lux!? We’re not saying she’s definitely going to keep it, but regardless, we want to know who the baby daddy is, so naturally, we went right to the source.

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“In this second batch of episodes, [Raquel] totally goes off the rails, and it’s almost like this game that the writers are playing to see what Jewel will do next. They’re letting me run wild with it. I’m having even more fun, and I feel even more creatively fulfilled,” The L.A. Complex star Staite shared with LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with her during a rare break in shooting last month.

When Raquel finds herself pregnant, it’s an eye-opener, and a potential life-changer, but not just for her. Could you imagine poor, screwed up Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) as a father? He couldn’t, though he admitted he hoped that all Connor “really needs is a grounding force in his life, and maybe a baby could be that for him.”

“Can of worms [would be] an understatement!” Staite said about what the pregnancy causes. “Things get way out of hand! She doesn’t deal with that well, which is expected, and it creates totally different situations. It becomes a disaster.”

Staite, who admitted she wasn’t sure Raquel should “ever have children,” did remind us of the deep void in Raquel’s life. Though she has always been so focused on filling it with fame and adoration from strangers, perhaps the unconditional love and need of a little baby night do the trick? Besides, this is Raquel, and the idea of making headlines for being a new “celebri-mommy” must cross her mind!

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“If you think about it logistically– think about it like this: she slept with Connor, and then it wasn’t until like a good week, week and a half later that she slept with Gary. And then she took a pregnancy test pretty much the next day. So if you put it that way…”

But who the baby’s father is, and whether or not Raquel chooses to tell him the truth, will undoubtedly affect her relationship with both men and her plans to proceed with them. On one hand, Connor is just as screwed up as she is, but she cares about him and wants him in her life anyway. On the other hand, Gary (Rob Stewart) could give her everything she has always worked for, but she might not be really ready to accept all of those things.

“I think [Gary] came in at the wrong time and scared the hell out of her and she went ‘Oh no, no, no. He’s too perfect; I don’t deserve this.’ She hates herself in a lot of ways. There’s a lot about herself that she can’t accept and doesn’t like, and I don’t think, deep down inside, she feels she deserves somebody like that– especially because, you know, she’s manipulating him.”

But is she manipulating him enough to tell him he’s her baby daddy, even if he really isn’t? You may just have to stay tuned to find out!

The L.A. Complex is shooting its next batch of episodes in Canada right now and should be back on TV by the end of the summer. We will have more details, and more interviews with various cast members, as the second batch of episodes get closer to air.

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