Orchids, orchids, and more orchids! The CW Podsquad spent the day at the largest orchid show in the country, The Pacific Orchid Expo at Fort Mason in San Francisco! Orchid lovers were awed by the lush displays, and the amazing silent auctions. Among the admirers, we bumped into our CW StreetStars. Check em out!

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  1. Seyfu says:

    Christmas vacay has officially begun :yay: After the mkdiiddaes got home from school I decided to get a jump start on things and hit the grocery today. That way the serious baking can comence tomorrow. This was my plan, however the regular grocery store does not seem to carry ground ginger :tantrum: Which means I have to go to the fancy pants store that charges an arm and a leg for everything. The madhubby and I decided not to get each other anything, but the kids wanted to get something for dad. I knew he wanted some cammo pants and also likes a particular type of aftershave (shhh!! it’s Axe hno: ) So we got that and wrapped them up. I told the boys that mommy really wants some new slippers and some perfume. Easy-peasy and not expensive!Pretty flowers gnome! I can kill an orchid quicker than quick! The only plants that seem to survive my attentions are that generic sort of ivy thing that is for sale everywhere. It grows like a weed, and will live even after being neglected for weeks

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