'MWPs Are MVPs' Helps Minority Women Professionals Survive And ThriveDr. J Nwando Olayiwola and Pooja Mittal, director of Health Net talk to Black Renaissance's Jan Mabry about 'MWPs are MVPs,' a seminar for minority women professionals currently touring the U.S.
Women Take On Tech Gender Stereotypes With #ILookLikeAnEngineerA San Francisco woman fed up with the mistreatment she received working as a female engineer has triggered a global campaign to crush stereotypes of women working in the tech industry.
SF YouTube Star Proclaims 'I Have 2 Vaginas' -- And She's Definitely Not The Only OneWith over 1.5 million views, YouTube star Cassandra Bankson's video where she announces she has (wait for it) TWO vaginas, continues to cause some head scratching.
Women Scientists Show What #DistractinglySexy Looks Like After Nobel Laureate's Sexist RemarksWomen scientists everywhere are revealing "distractingly sexy" photos of themselves after a Nobel Prize-winning British scientist said there was "trouble with girls" working in laboratories.
Sassy Redwood City High School Senior Nails Her Yearbook QuoteA Redwood City high school senior used the traditional yearbook quote to help out her fellow female classmates, inadvertently turning her into an Internet superstar.
Here's How Much The Ideal Woman's Body Has Changed Since Ancient History
Everyone In The UK Is Freaking Out About The 'This Girl Can' Campaign
Watch: Does One Size Actually Fit All?
Modern Bras Seem Like A Dream Compared To These Old-School DisastersIf you find wearing a bra inconvenient, wait until you see these terrible old-fashioned methods once used for keeping the girls in place.
11 Dance Moves That Attract Women According To Scientific Research, ApparentlyWhy they researched this is definitely subject to stereotypical snap judgments, but what they learned could get these researchers -- and you -- the girl. Scientists from Northumbria University in England and the University of Göttingen in Germany mapped men's moves, and had women rate their reaction, uncovering up to 11 types of movement that women found attractive.
Scouting For ‘Top Model’ Returns To San FranciscoA casting call for a new season of America’s Next Top Model will be scouting for the Bay Area’s most beautiful hopefuls…
10 Must-Have Bikinis For Girls On A BudgetYou’ve been working out and eating right for the last few months (or maybe you haven’t—lucky you!). Now, it’s time to bare it all in style...

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