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The Simpsons - 'Marge vs. The Monorail'

The Simpsons – ‘Marge vs. The Monorail’

MONDAY 04/14/14 @ 6pm: “An unscrupulous profiteer convinces the people of Springfield to invest their windfall from the power plant in a monorail system…”


The Simpsons - 'Selma's Choice'

The Simpsons – ‘Selma’s Choice’

TUESDAY 04/15/14 @ 6pm: “When Selma decides she wants to have children, Marge suggests she take Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens to get a taste of motherhood…”


The Simpsons - 'Brother From The Same Planet'The Simpsons - 'Brother From The Same Planet'

The Simpsons – ‘Brother From The Same Planet’

WEDNESDAY 04/16/14 @ 6pm: “Tired of his father’s lack of interest in him, Bart pretends to be an unwanted son and signs up with the Bigger Brother program…”


The Simpsons - 'I Love Lisa'

The Simpsons – ‘I Love Lisa’

THURSDAY 04/17/14 @ 6pm: “Ralph becomes infatuated with Lisa when she tries to cheer him up by sending him a quick note after he does not receive a single Valentine’s Day card at school…”


The Simpsons - 'Duffless'

The Simpsons – ‘Duffless’

FRIDAY 04/18/14 @ 6pm: “When Homer gets arrested for driving drunk after a tour of the Duff Brewery, his license is revoked and he begins attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings…”


The Simpsons - 'Marge Gets a Job'

The Simpsons – ‘Marge Gets a Job’

MONDAY 04/07/14 @ 6pm: “When Marge gets a job at the Nuclear Power Plant in order to purchase a new foundation for the house, Mr. Burns becomes infatuated with her…”


The Simpsons - 'New Kid on the Block'

The Simpsons – ‘New Kid on the Block’

TUESDAY 04/08/14 @ 6pm: “Bart becomes infatuated with his new neighbor but she is more interested in someone else; Homer is kicked out of a restaurant after eating too much…”


The Simpsons - 'Mr. Plow'

The Simpsons – ‘Mr. Plow’

WEDNESDAY 04/09/14 @ 6pm: “Homer decides to buy a snow plow and starts up a business clearing the streets of Springfield, but he soon runs into some competition…”


The Simpsons - 'Lisa's First Word'

The Simpsons – ‘Lisa’s First Word’

THURSDAY 04/10/14 @ 6pm: “While waiting for Maggie to say her first word, Marge tells everyone what Lisa’s very first word was, and Bart is taken by surprise…”