Watch Nancy Cartwright Voice 7 Simpsons Characters In Less Than a MinuteCartwright put together a cute little video for the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys that has gone viral...
Drake's Music Gets 'The Simpsons' TreatmentWho better to capture that kind of financial rags to riches story than Drake?
‘The Simpsons’ Co-Creator Sam Simon Is Doing Something Amazing With His Hollywood FortuneCo-creator of The Simpsons is terminally ill and leaving his fortune to charities including animal charities...
The Simpsons - 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'MONDAY 05/26/14 @ 6pm: " Bart witnesses an altercation that escalates into a lawsuit, but identifying himself as a witness would mean confessing he skipped school..."
The Simpsons - 'Lady Bouvier's Lover'TUESDAY 05/27/14 @ 6pm: "Grampa falls in love with Marge's mother but she soon falls for Mr. Burns instead; Bart goes to extreme measures to acquire "Itchy and Scratchy" memorabilia..."
The Simpsons - 'Secrets of a Successful Marriage'WEDNESDAY 05/28/14 @ 6pm: "Homer decides to teach a marriage class to prove to everyone that he is intelligent but runs into trouble trying to keep his students' attention..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart of Darkness'THURSDAY 05/29/14 @ 6pm: "When the summer temperatures become unbearable, Bart and Lisa manage to convince Homer and Marge to buy them a swimming pool with disastrous results..."
The Simpsons - 'Lisa's Rival'FRIDAY 05/30/14 @ 6pm: "Lisa becomes jealous when a new transfer student proves herself to be smarter than her; Home steals sugar and plans to sell it to the townsfolk..."
The Simpsons - 'Deep Space Homer'MONDAY 05/19/14 @ 6pm: "Homer meets famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin after being hired by NASA as the first average American to be chosen to participate in a space mission..."
The Simpsons - 'Homer Loves Flanders'TUESDAY 05/20/14 @ 6pm: "Desperate to attend an upcoming football game, Homer accepts an invitation to go from Ned Flanders and discovers that he actually likes Ned..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart Gets an Elephant'WEDNESDAY 05/21/14 @ 6pm: "After Bart receives an elephant as a prize for calling in to a radio station, the animal proves to be too costly to care for and Homer decides to sell it..."
The Simpsons - 'Burns' Heir'THURSDAY 05/22/14 @ 6pm: "After coming close to death, Mr. Burns decides that it's time to find an heir to his empire and chooses Bart for his conniving character..."

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