Stephen Amell

Arrow - 'The Man Under the Hood'

Arrow – ‘The Man Under the Hood’

One member of Team Arrow must be rushed to the hospital when a fight breaks out with Slade; Oliver must choose between his family and his clash with Slade…


Arrow - 'Deathstroke'

Arrow – ‘Deathstroke’

Slade faces the aftermath of attacking Oliver, and Oliver attempts to save his family; an important member of Oliver’s team begins to question his priorities…


Arrow - 'Birds of Prey'

Arrow – ‘Birds of Prey’

Helena arrives in town and mercilessly wreaks havoc by taking hostages at the courthouse, and despite Oliver’s promise to handle his ex, Sara intervenes…


Arrow - 'Suicide Squad'

Arrow – ‘Suicide Squad’

Oliver redirects his focus on his confrontation with Slade, ultimately pushing Sarah away; Diggle must work with the criminals he put in jail to halt a warlord…


Arrow - 'The Promise'

Arrow – ‘The Promise’

Oliver is plagued with guilt when Sara tells him that in order to keep a resentful Slade from finding out about what happened with Shado, he must take Ivo out…


Arrow - 'Time of Death'

Arrow – ‘Time of Death’

Oliver recruits Sara to join the Arrow team as they investigate a mastermind villain who utilizes technology to break open any bank vault of his choice…


Arrow - 'Heir To The Demon'

Arrow – ‘Heir To The Demon’

Oliver and Lance encourage Sara to stay in Starling City, but her fellow League of Assassins member returns and holds Dinah captive until she re-joins…


Arrow - 'Tremors'

Arrow – ‘Tremors’

Roy demands to know Arrow’s true identity while Oliver trains him on how to control his super-human strength; Walter asks Moira to dinner…


Arrow - 'Blind Spot'

Arrow – ‘Blind Spot’

Laurel’s drug addiction is exposed when she and Arrow investigate Sebastian Blood; Roy shows off his abilities; Sarah shares a secret about Laurel with Oliver…


Arrow - 'Blast Radius'

Arrow – ‘Blast Radius’

Arrow trapped inside of a bomb-laced antique store, Diggle must track down the next bomb at the “Unity Rally” before Shrapnel sets the ammo off…