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The Vampire Diaries - 'Man On Fire'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Man On Fire’

Stefan keeps Elena’s mind off of her relationship with Damon; Bonnie becomes more sensible about the Other Side; Enzo flashes back to election night in 1960…


The Vampire Diaries - 'Resident Evil'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Resident Evil’

Stefan and Elena begin to have dreams of what their lives could have been together in an alternate life; Bonnie encounters Grams; Enzo reveals his love story…


The Vampire Diaries - 'Rescue Me'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Rescue Me’

Caroline and Enzo travel to Atlanta to locate a doppelgänger; Damon and Elena attend Jeremy’s parent-teacher conference; the Travelers’ evasive ruler arrives…


The Vampire Diaries - 'While You Were Sleeping'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘While You Were Sleeping’

Elena turns to a conflicted Damon once Stefan relays the recent turn of events to her; Sloan reveals the significance of dopplegangers to Caroline and Enzo…


The Vampire Diaries - 'Gone Girl'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Gone Girl’

Nadia flashes back to the centuries she had spent during her search to find her mother; Stefan, Caroline and Matt desperately try to rescue Elena…


The Vampire Diaries - 'No Exit'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘No Exit’

Elena tags along as Stefan locates a destructive Damon after having set his brother off with their last talk; Dr. Wes puts the Travelers on Damon’s trail…


The Vampire Diaries - 'Total Eclipse of The Heart'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’

Caroline persuades Elena and Bonnie to attend the “Bitter Ball” for the broken-hearted; Bonnie keeps her eye on a student who plays with witchcraft…


The Vampire Diaries - 'The Devil Inside'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘The Devil Inside’

Damon takes the high road when Enzo insists they bond by seeking revenge; Matt decides to host a party; Elena finds she has only minutes to save her life…


The Vampire Diaries - '500 Years of Solitude'

The Vampire Diaries – ’500 Years of Solitude’

With Katherine’s health having taken a turn for the worst, she recalls the tragic night in 1490 that she had her daughter and had her taken away…


Joseph Morgan at The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

CW Shows Win Big At People’s Choice Awards 2014

Hug & enormous pats-on-the-back go out to our award-winning CW Shows…