The Vampire Diaries


As season five begins, Damon and Elena have spent a blissful summer in love, unaware that Silas is free and Stefan has been suffering agonizing pain every day for months. Damon believes Stefan is staying away because it would be too painful for him to see Damon and Elena as a couple, but Elena can’t escape the uneasy feeling that Stefan needs their help. While Elena is reluctant to leave Damon and Jeremy, she is also thrilled to be heading off to a new start at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline as her roommate.

Still unaware that Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline are waiting for their friend to join them at college. Jeremy is the only one who can see and talk to Bonnie who is trapped on the Other Side. Caroline is also waiting impatiently for Tyler to return and join her at Whitmore. Matt and Rebekah have spent a wonderful summer traveling through Europe, and the newly cured Katherine is having a tough time adjusting to being human after 500 years as a vampire.

Returning to town after months on the run, Katherine asks Damon to help her now that she is vulnerable to her many enemies. Although everyone in this tight-knit group of friends is trying to move on to a new and better phase of their lives, the past is always with them, and Silas is determined to use his powers and the secrets of doppelgänger to make sure no one remains unscathed.

Based on the series of books by L. J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. The series was developed by Kevin Williamson (“The Following,” “Scream”) & Julie Plec (“Kyle XY,” “Wasteland”), who serve as executive producers along with Leslie Morgenstein (“Gossip Girl,” “Pretty Little Liars”) and Caroline Dries (“Melrose Place,” “Smallville”).


Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert in "The Vampire Diaries" (credit: The CW)

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The Vampire Diaries - 'Fade Into You'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Fade Into You’

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The Vampire Diaries - 'Do You Remember the First Time?'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’

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TVD Rehash: 'The World Has Turned and Left Me' (credit: The CW/YouTube)

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The Vampire Diaries - 'The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get’

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TVD: Rehash - 'Black Hole Sun' (credit: The CW/YouTube)

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The Vampire Diaries - 'The World Has Turned and Left Me Here'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘The World Has Turned and Left Me Here’

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(credit: The CW)

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