The L.A. Complex

Small fish. Big pond. Huge dreams.

Every day, young people with stars in their eyes get off the bus in Los Angeles in search of fame and fortune. THE L.A. COMPLEX centers on a group of aspiring performers pursuing stardom in the City of Angels. Living in an apartment-style motel for displaced dreamers, each dubbed “most likely to succeed,” they all face the challenges and opportunities of a lifetime.

The young hopefuls who have become neighbors, friends and the closest thing any of them have to family, include Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore, “Neighbours,” “All Saints”), an actor with drop-dead good looks and a dark past, who has just landed a leading role in his first series; Raquel, (Jewel Staite, “Firefly,” “Stargate: Atlantis”), a street-smart actress who had one big hit series, but is worried she’s quickly becoming yesterday’s news; Nick, (Joe Dinicol, “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”), a struggling stand-up comedian who is always the best friend and never the boyfriend; Abby, (Cassie Steele, “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Relic Hunger”), the naive but determined young actress who gave up a boyfriend back home to stay in L.A. until she gets her big break; Alicia (Chelan Simmons, “Smallville,” “Supernatural”) a sensitive, aspiring dancer who will do whatever it takes to make ends meet; Kaldrick (Andra Fuller, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Entourage”), the superstar Hip-Hop artist who hails from the streets of Oakland, California; and Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson, “Todd and The Book of Pure Evil,” “The Listener”), the talented aspiring Hip-Hop artist who is hiding a secret.

For every bona fide starlet, there are countless cocktail waitresses. For every true rock star, there are hundreds of musicians playing for tips on the street. For every comedian with a hit sitcom, there are dozens of guys cracking jokes while pouring your coffee. In L.A., your life can change in the blink of an eye. On Monday, you might score some face-time with a big-shot producer. On Wednesday, you might sign that multi-million dollar contract you’ve been dreaming of, but until then, one thing is for sure: every month, the rent is due.

THE L.A. COMPLEX is executive produced by Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn of Epitome Pictures (“Degrassi,” “Instant Star”) and Martin Gero (“Bored to Death,” “Stargate Atlantis”). Directors are Martin Gero and Stefan Brogren. Writers are Martin Gero, Aaron Abrams, Matt Huether, Cole Bastedo, Karen Hill, and Brendan Gall. For Bell Media, Trish Williams is Production Executive; Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production; Neil Staite is Vice-President and General Manager, Music and Entertainment; Catherine MacLeod is Vice-President, Specialty Channels; Rick Brace is President, Specialty Channels and CTV Production, and Phil King is President, CTV Programming and Sports.


The L.A. Complex - 'Don’t Say Goodbye'

The L.A. Complex – ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’

Connor seeks comfort in Scienetics; Raquel prepares for a fundraiser; Nick and Sabrina face a crisis; Kal tries to recover a hard drive; Abby makes a decision…


The L.A. Complex - 'Xs and Os'

The L.A. Complex – ‘Xs and Os’

Abby panics after being impulsive with Gray; Beth is scared she will lose Simon; Sabrina receives career-changing news; Raquel dives deeper into her work…


The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex – ‘Now Or Never’

Kal receives a phone call that changes his world; Sabrina moves in with Nick; Abby and Gray’s relationship starts to heat up; Connor doubts who he can trust…


The L.A. Complex - 'Help Wanted'

The L.A. Complex – ‘Make It Right’

Kal and Abby set out to find Tariq; Connor is introduced to a strange new religion; Beth and Simon receive a surprise visitor; Sabrina makes a confession…


The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex – ‘Help Wanted’

Kal makes a surprising confession to Abby when she records backup tracks for his new album; Sabrina shows a more sensitive side when Nick is fired…


The L.A. Complex - 'Stay'

The L.A. Complex – ‘Stay’

Connor gets news that will change his life forever; Nick searches for inspiration in unexpected places; a handsome stranger sweeps Abby off of her feet…


Half Way

The L.A. Complex – ‘Half Way’

Half Way – Kal is faced with a nuisance lawsuit and the situation heats up in a most unexpected way. Connor deceives Jennifer (guest star Krista Allen) in order to keep his makeshift family intact.


Rules of Thirds

The L.A. Complex – ‘Rules of Thirds’

Rules of Thirds – Connor has an unpleasant encounter with someone from Jennifer’s past. Nick is surprised to find Sabrina up to her old tricks and sets out to even the score.


The L.A. Complex - 'Taking The Day'

The L.A. Complex – ‘Taking The Day’

Connor comes to Raquel’s aid. Meanwhile, Raquel’s troubles intensify, leading to a humiliating offer. Following a wild night with her co-stars…


Be A Man

The L.A. Complex – ‘Be A Man’

Connor faces a touch choice; Raquel’s ego suffers on set; Abby befriends her co-star; Nick tires of Sabrina’s pranks; Beth’s mouth gets her in trouble…