The 100


Ninety-seven years ago, nuclear Armageddon decimated planet Earth, destroying civilization. The only survivors were the 400 inhabitants of 12 international space stations that were in orbit at the time. Three generations have been born in space, the survivors number 4,000 and resources are running out on their dying “Ark” – the 12 stations now linked together and repurposed to keep the survivors alive. Draconian measures including capital punishment and population control are the order of the day, as the leaders of the Ark take ruthless steps to ensure their future, including secretly exiling a group of 100 juvenile prisoners to the Earth’s surface to test whether it’s habitable. For the first time in nearly a century, humans have returned to planet Earth. Among the 100 exiles are Clarke, the bright teenage daughter of the Ark’s chief medical officer; Wells, son of the Ark’s Chancellor; the daredevil Finn; and the brother/sister duo Bellamy and Octavia, whose illegal sibling status has always led them to flaunt the rules.

Technologically blind to what’s happening on the planet below them, the Ark’s leaders – Clarke’s widowed mother, Abby; the Chancellor, Jaha; and his shadowy second in command, Kane – are faced with difficult decisions about life, death and the continued existence of the human race. For the 100 young people on Earth, however, the alien planet they’ve never known is a mysterious realm that can be magical one moment and lethal the next. With the survival of the human race entirely in their hands, THE 100 must find a way to transcend their differences, unite and forge a new path on a wildly changed Earth that’s primitive, intense and teeming with the unknown.

Season Four introduced our heroes to the harsh truth that the human race is doomed to face an unbeatable enemy: the remaining nuclear reactors on Earth have melted down and we setting the atmosphere on fire. With a literal countdown to the end of the world, our heroes will be forced to go to unimaginable lengths to make it out alive – with or without each other. In the aftermath of Praimfaya, they must begin again and with Season Five our heroes will have to examine their responsibility to the new place they call tome. and the future generations who will inhabit it. Can they begin again and celebrate what remains, or will the frailties of human nature cost them their one chance to use from the ashes?

The series stars Eliza Taylor (newcomer) as Clarke, Paige Turco (“Person of Interest,” “Damages”) as Abby, Thomas McDonell (“Suburgatory”) as Finn, Eli Goree (“Emily Owens, M.D.”) as Wells, Marie Avgeropoulos (“50/50“) as Octavia, Bob Morley (newcomer) as Bellamy, Kelly Hu (“X2: X-Men United,” “Arrow”) as Cece, Christopher Larkin (“Squad 85”) as Monty, Devon Bostick (“Aim High”) as Jasper, with Isaiah Washington (upcoming “Blue Caprice,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) as Chancellor Jaha, and Henry Ian Cusick (“Lost,” “Scandal”) as Kane.

Based on the upcoming book series by Kass Morgan, THE 100 is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Matthew Miller (“Human Target,” “Chuck”), Jason Rothenberg (upcoming “Twilight Zone” feature), Bharat Nalluri (“Torchwood,” “Emily Owens, M.D.”), Leslie Morgenstein (“The Vampire Diaries”) and Gina Girolamo (“The Secret Circle”). The pilot was directed by Bharat Nalluri.

The 100 - 'Human Trials'

The 100 – ‘Human Trials’

Kane tries to make peace with the Grounders; Jasper agrees to a dangerous experiment; Lincoln finds himself in pain; President Dante Wallace issues a warning…


The 100 – ‘Many Happy Returns’

Clarke takes matters into her own hands after being betrayed by someone she thought she could trust; Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy try to save a stranger…


The 100 - 'Reapercussions'

The 100 – ‘Reapercussions’

Clarke forms an unlikely alliance after learning of a terrible project in Mount Weather’s medical ward; Kane has Abby savagely punished…


The 100 - 'The 48'

The 100 – ‘The 48’

Clarke is still alone and trying to make sense of the strange white room she is in; it is still unknown what happened to Bellamy and Finn…


The 100 - 'We Are Grounders'

The 100 – ‘We Are Grounders – Part 2’

Clarke tries to get Bellamy to make the right choice as the conflicts on the ground come to a breaking point; Bellamy forces Octavia to make a tough choice…


The 100 - 'We Are Grounders – Part 1'

The 100 – ‘We Are Grounders – Part 1’

Clarke and Finn escape from a dangerous situation to be faced with a new foe; Bellamy tries to save Jasper; Raven faces a new danger and Murphy gets revenge…


The 100 - 'The Calm'

The 100 – ‘The Calm’

Clarke and Finn take everyone in search of food and must make a life-changing decision; Bellamy is given a choice; Kane tries to re-unite with Jaha and Abby…


The 100

The 100 – ‘I Am Become Death’

Clarke and Bellamy aren’t sure how to handle Murphy returning to camp with a story of being tortured by the Grounders when they captured him…


The 100 - 'Contents Under Pressure'

The 100 – ‘Unity Day’

Finn and Clarke do their best to come to a peace agreement with the Grounders, but chaos ensues when a heavily armed Bellamy, Jasper and Raven arrive…


The 100 – ‘Day Trip’

Clarke and Bellamy prepare for the fast-approaching winter; a few of the 100 begin to hallucinate after eating nuts; Octavia helps a friend of hers escape…


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