Mary, Queen of Scots and her husband the King of France, Francis, have lived through the birth of the King’s, but not the Queen’s, son, the plague, and a nation divided, but realizing that they are more powerful together than apart, they believe there is hope for them to move forward. Meanwhile Francis’s mother, Catherine de Medici, made a bold move to align herself with Mary’s ultimate enemy, Queen Elizabeth of England. Mary and Elizabeth are reluctant foes, but foes nonetheless, each positioned by birth and fate to destroy all the other holds dear.

Reign - 'Terror of the Faithful'

Reign – ‘Terror of the Faithful’

Vatican inquisitors perform brutal acts against anyone suspected of being protestant, raising tensions between Mary and Francis; Lord Conde is abducted…


Reign - 'The Prince of the Blood'

Reign – ‘The Prince of the Blood’

To the dismay of Catherine, Princess Claude visits home; Narcisse pressures Francis to act against his good judgment or face the consequences…


Reign – ‘Three Queens’

Mary and Catherine hide their identities and flee to the woods after being attacked by a mob of angry peasants; Francis brings Leith and Conde to investigate…


Reign - 'Blood for Blood'

Reign – ‘Blood for Blood’

Protestant and Catholic tensions rise the day before Greer’s wedding, and the search for answers leads to a discovery that could threaten the union…


Reign - 'The Lamb and the Slaughter'

Reign – ‘The Lamb and the Slaughter’

Bash and Lord Conde investigate a mysterious night rider who attacked a shepherd; the upcoming christening forces Mary to consider her relationship with Lola…


Reign - 'Coronation'

Reign – ‘Coronation’

Mary searches for a way to feed the people of France, and Francis believes that he is being haunted by the spirit of his dead father…


‘Reign’ Recap: Death Becomes Them

Television recap of “Reign” season 2 episode 1, discussing The Black Death that spreads through the castle and Mary’s choice that costs many lives.


Reign - 'Drawn and Quartered'

Reign – ‘Drawn and Quartered’

The loyalties between Mary, Francis, and Catherine are tested when a powerful lord learns that Mary was responsible for the death of his son…


Reign - 'The Plague'

Reign – ‘The Plague’

The Black Plague is spreading all over France, making life difficult for the new King and Queen; Francis tries to get back to the safe side of the quarantine…


Reign - 'Slaughter of Innocence'

Reign – ‘Slaughter of Innocence’

As the King’s madness continues to deteriorate Mary and Francis decide to take action, but a new danger in the woods could cost them everything…


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