Perfect Score

Arielle Kebbel (credit: The CW)

PERFECT SCORE, hosted by fan-favorite actress Arielle Kebbel (“John Tucker Must Die,” “The Vampire Diaries”), puts a unique twist on dating game shows by not only giving players a chance to win a date, but also the opportunity to win cold hard cash — IF they can successfully identify their perfect match.

In each half-hour episode, two friends compete to see who can pick their ideal mate from a group of 10 prospective singles, after both the players and the contestants have taken compatibility tests.

These tests are used to assign cash values to each possible match, and the player who selects the most compatible single – with the highest cash value – wins the cash prize and the date!

Created and executive produced by Scott St. John (“America’s Got Talent,” “Deal or No Deal,”), Thom Beers and Jennifer Mullin, PERFECT SCORE is from FremantleMedia North America (“American Idol,” “The X Factor,” “America’s Got Talent”).

Perfect Score - 'Catch of the Day'

Perfect Score – ‘Catch of the Day’

Best buds Joey and Zach test 12 single ladies on their fishing skills in an attempt to reel in their perfect catch after spending their days sailing the



Perfect Score - 'It’s Raining Men'

Perfect Score – ‘It’s Raining Men’

Former dating show contestants and best friends Kahleel and Jan take on the challenge of finding their perfect match when they take them from poles to zombies…


Perfect Score – ‘Dress to Impress’

Best friends Brooklyn and Kelly demonstrate how different they are as the two kick off the first ever fashion show initiated on the program together as judges…


Perfect Score – ‘Pillow Fight!’

Charlie and Courtney insist that they are looking for a girl that is quick on her feet, though they’re really looking for a lady who can handle a pillow fight…


Perfect Score – ‘Beauty Queen Battle’

Contestants Nia and Alici are both beauty pageant queens and best friends who will compete against one another to try and find the “Perfect Score.”


Perfect Score – ‘Strike a Pose’

Two best friend fashion models look at a group of bachelors to attempt to find their perfect matches based on compatibility test scores…


Perfect Score – ‘Married By 30’

A pair of friends that have vowed to get married before turning 30 try to select the perfect match based on compatibility tests…


Perfect Score – ‘We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do’

From “The Vampire Diaries,” fan-favorite actress Arielle Kebbel hosts for an episode of two best friends since high school are having a lot of fun…


Perfect Score – ‘Banking on Love’

A pair of bankers that have dated two separate pairs of twins must choose between 12 bachelors to see who they are most compatible with…


Perfect Score – ‘The Rules of Love’

Two friends say that they are the closest of friends that have very strict dating rules, but they might have to learn to relax the rules a bit to find a date…


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