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Silent Nemo testing

‘Drone Shark’ Unveiled As Latest U.S. Navy Robot Weapon, No Lasers On Its Head, But Fiction Definitely Becoming Fact

Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies wanted “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads” but couldn’t get them, yet the real U.S. Navy now has drone sharks, and while the robots don’t have lasers, the “GhostSwimmer” UUV is a formidable weapon ripped right out of fiction.


Baby Hazel Grace

2 Baby Girls Born At 10:11 On 12-13-14 In Montana And Ohio

Newborn girls in Billings, Mont. and Cleveland Ohio were welcomed into the world at 10:11 a.m. on 12/13/14.


Wedding Chapel

Get Married, Buy A Lottery Ticket, Write A Check And Lift A Toast To 12-13-14!

Saturday’s Dec. 13, 2014, represents the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years (Jan. 2, 2034) and another 89 years if waiting for Jan. 2, 2103.


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Modern Bras Seem Like A Dream Compared To These Old-School Disasters

If you find wearing a bra inconvenient, wait until you see these terrible old-fashioned methods once used for keeping the girls in place.


All About That Book, Book Of Mormon Parody (Photo from Youtube parody created by Sister-Annalese Lammi and Sister Nicole Guilott / LDS Smile)

‘All About That Bass’ Book Of Mormon Parody Is Cringeworthy Awesomeness

There’s nothing better than someone that just goes all-in, working it with everything they’ve got, no matter how cringeworthy it is, and that is the sensation you have as you watch this “All About That Bass” Meghan Trainor parody called “All About That Book”… Book of Mormon” from LDS Sisters Annalese Lammi and Sister Nicole Guilott.



GRAMMY Nominees 2015: The Full List

Today (Dec. 4) the Recording Academy is slowly revealing the full list of nominees for the 2015 GRAMMY Awards, airing Feb 8.


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Proof There’s No Such Thing As ‘One Size Fits All’

For a Buzzfeed story, five women of all sizes recently shopped at a Brandy Melville store to test out this “one size fits most” theory.



7 Commuting Fails You’ll See In The Bay Area This Rainy Season

When it rains in the San Francisco Bay Area, it pours. And when local drivers need to travel in stormy weather, they get creative — or just plain stupid.



Barbie Book ‘I Can Be A Computer Engineer’ Tells Girls They Need Boys To Code

Barbie is cast as a would-be computer engineer, who while designing a video game, accidentally plagues her friend’s computer with a virus and can’t fix it without help from a boy.