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Sassy Redwood City High School Senior Nails Her Yearbook Quote

A Redwood City high school senior used the traditional yearbook quote to help out her fellow female classmates, inadvertently turning her into an Internet superstar.


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Trending Now: Jungle Prints

Think rainforest, palm trees, tropical flowers and bright colors. Jungle prints are roaring for your heart this season. Even top celebs are prowling in them: Reese Witherspoon in a Carolina Herrera Dress   Katie Cassidy’s Tropical […]


Tattoos are causing problems with Apple Watch's sensors. (Michael Lovell/YouTube)

Good Luck Using An Apple Watch If You Have A Tattoo Sleeve

It looks like Apple’s product development team doesn’t have arm tattoos, or at least didn’t seek out people who do in order to make sure Apple Watches function properly.


Groove pants sit on display at the Union Square Lululemon retail store in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010. (Benjamin Norman/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Would You Spend $68 On Yoga Pants For Your Kid?

While one could justify buying expensive, yet durable yoga pants for adults, buying them for a fast-growing kid may seem unpractical.


Celebrity fashion at 2015 New York Fashion Week

Celebrity Sightings at New York Fashion Week

Take a look to see how the stars dressed for New York Fashion Week.