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Reign - 'Blood for Blood'

Reign – ‘Blood for Blood’

Protestant and Catholic tensions rise the day before Greer’s wedding, and the search for answers leads to a discovery that could threaten the union…


The Vampire Diaries - 'The World Has Turned and Left Me Here'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘The World Has Turned and Left Me Here’

Elena invites Liam to attend the homecoming party at the corn maze; Stefan surprises Caroline and asks her to help him clean up a mess…



The Addams Family Marathon

Celebrate Halloween w/ us & the first family of strange, The Addams! This Saturday & Sunday!


Arrow - 'The Magician'

Arrow – ‘The Magician’

Nyssa is angry when she confronts Oliver about Sara, and when Oliver learns that Malcolm Merlyn is alive, he thinks he might have been the one who killed Sara…


The 100 - 'Inclement Weather'

The 100 – ‘Inclement Weather’

Clarke’s suspicions lead her to question President Dante Wallace and demand answers; Octavia is so desperate to find Lincoln that she gets violent…



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