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Jane The Virgin - 'Chapter Three'

Jane The Virgin – ‘Chapter Three’

Jane decides it is time for a change in her relationship with Michael; Alba decides to stop Rogelio from trying to see Jane himself after Xo disappoints him…

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America's Next Top Model - 'The Girl With the Bloodcurdling Scream'

America’s Next Top Model – ‘The Girl With the Bloodcurdling Scream’

Fans vote a model back into the competition; the models try to keep their composure in a dark former slaughterhouse; the models don ornate gloves…


The Vampire Diaries - 'Black Hole Sun'

The Vampire Diaries – ‘Black Hole Sun’

Damon is forced to relive one of the worst days of his life while he and Bonnie find clues to go home; Alaric tries to help Jeremy cope with the loss of Bonnie…


Reign - 'The Lamb and the Slaughter'

Reign – ‘The Lamb and the Slaughter’

Bash and Lord Conde investigate a mysterious night rider who attacked a shepherd; the upcoming christening forces Mary to consider her relationship with Lola…


Arrow - 'Corto Maltese'

Arrow – ‘Corto Maltese’

Felicity has determined that Thea is in Corto Maltese, so Oliver prepares to go find her and bring her back, and Lyla she asks Diggle to join Oliver…



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