Cheerleaders, stoners, the cast of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and a band called the Asshats. It's a very teenage 'iZombie.'

By Courtney E. Smith

Last week we left off with a very bad man named Sebastian being turned into a zombie with a seriously scarred face. This week picks up exactly there, following this new evil zombie as he stumbles into the road and gets run over by the cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer. While these kids debate about what to do with his body, the zombie gets tired of waiting and eats the high school cheerleader/prom queen. Kill number one! Something makes me think it won’t be the only kill in this episode.

Two weeks later at the crime scene, Dr. Ravi deduces she was dismembered by a zombie (this only gets grosser when they take her back to the lab), which leads to his exchange with Liv recapping (for the millionth time) why she had to lie to Boyfriend about not only knowing there are zombies but that she is one. Liv is still determined to kill Blaine, but as she’s chickened out with every chance she’s gotten so far, I’d say Boyfriend is cruising for a brain eating.

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