STOCKTON (KCBW) — Stockton high school senior Crystal Cumplido was smiling ear-to-ear in her yearbook portrait, only problem was that none of her classmates got to see it — at first.

Cumplido, who chose to don a tuxedo with a red bow tie, was surprised when she found her photo purposefully excluded from Lincoln High School’s yearbook because of an unclear policy.

“That girls are supposed to wear the black, little shirt over whatever,” Cumplido told FOX 40. “I was angry, I was frustrated. I just wanted to know why, you know.”

After a large social media outpouring, the Superintendent of Lincoln Unified School District said the ban should have never happened.

“Well, it was an inexcusable error that is inconsistent with our school district policies,” he told FOX 40.

The school district is now working with Cumplido and her family to republish the yearbook with her senior portrait.

People chimed in on Twitter and Facebook with positive messages for Cumplido.

Jamie Parry said “I think she looks great. Her family should take it to court because its discrimination.They would definitely win.”

“She is so beautiful,” Carole Ford said. “Please ignore the crude and ignorant. Live your life fully as yourself, whatever that may be.”


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