By Alyssa Pereira

Seriously, does anyone not love Ellen DeGeneres? The quirky talk show host is probably one of the most-liked television personalities out there, not to mention a huge advocate for LGBT rights and issues.

The newest thing on DeGeneres’ plate is a novel endeavor for the comedian. By her own admission, it’s hard for her to find clothes that she feels good wearing. “I’ve never found women’s clothes that I felt completely comfortable in, the way they were cut,” she says in an interview with Refinery29. “I didn’t want to wear men’s clothes, and if I did like something…I would always have to alter it to fit me.”

So DeGeneres decided to solve the problem herself by starting her own line especially for people like her, who are not so feminine and not so masculine, but rather something “in between.”

Her line (and eventual digitally-based store), will be called ED, based on her initials, as well as a nickname that her wife Portia De Rossi has called her for years. The name, like the line, is not gender-specific.

The fashion collection itself will feature blazers, slouchy sweaters, bomber jackets, tees — basically the kind of things you see DeGeneres wear on “Ellen”.

“I think it’s blending both of those things to be sort of non-gender-specific, just cool and classic. ’Cause I don’t think blue is for boys and pink is for girls. I don’t think that exists anymore,” she puts aptly. “We’re living in a world where, you know, Bruce Jenner is a woman. We’re learning so much about gender and sexuality and fluidity, and I think that should blend and bleed into the fashion world.”

Get details on the line here at


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