By Brandon Mercer

(CBS SF) — The caffeine conveyances already come in Trenta, Venti, Grande, and Tall. Savvy sippers know they can also get Short or “Kid-Sized.” Now, apparently, there’s a new “medium” called Mini, weighing in (voluming in?) at 10 ounces.

Here’s the list if you need a specs sheet:
Short or ‘Kids’: 8 oz.
Mini: 10 oz.
Tall: 12 oz.
Grande: 16 oz.
Venti: 20 oz.
Trenta 30 oz. (or 31 oz. for some drinks)

The new “mini” size is just for Frappuccinos, though.

And, you can only get it for a limited time — through July, or while supplies last.

Starbucks tested it last year, according to Brand Eating.

Of course, if it makes money, you know it will be back.



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