By Brandon Mercer

(CBS SF) — Every thousand years, a unique set of numbers comes along that is just cool but rare, and this week’s palindromic dates are just that.

Pick any date, and you can write it forwards or backwards, and get the same digits using standard date formats.  (Unless you’re in Europe, then this is just another boring week in May for you).  

Try it using the M/DD/YY structure.

5/10/15 backwards is still 5/10/15
Then the fun stops next week at the 20th.

Of course, June 10th, 2016 the fun starts again. 6/10/16, 6/11/16, etc.

But, these dates only occur in the first centuries beginning the thousand year cycle. reports an electrical engineer took the time to calculate the last set of palindromic dates, and it was August 31st, 1380. This current period ends in 2290, so you have a few years left to enjoy the palindromes. READ MORE HERE.

Not quite as cool as words like racecar, sexes, or even “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama” that form even more fun palindromes, but still worth a note as your write out your checks this week.


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