There may be nothing new about flipping on your television in the Bay Area and seeing a gay or lesbian couple as the face of a product or service, but national campaigns have been a lot less frequent. Now Wells Fargo is trying to help change that.

Ad Age reports that San Francisco-based bank is kicking off a seven spot national campaign titled “Why I Work” with this emotional ad featuring a lesbian couple making plans to adopt a deaf girl:

The spot is part of a broader push by the company to illustrate how they cater to the needs of diverse communities. It’s also the first time a United States bank has run a national campaign featuring a same-sex couple, according to CNN Money.

“We’ve been serving these communities, but we hadn’t really told that story,” said Jamie Moldafsky, CMO of Wells Fargo told Ad Age, tying her company’s success to it’s ability to “mirror the community and population that we serve.

The other ads featuring the diversity theme, which were created by the San Francisco firm BBDO, will roll out over the next month.


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