By Glennis Markison

After watching the iZombie pilot, you probably didn’t ask yourself: “What kind of art would Ravi Chakrabarti like?”

And why was that? You didn’t care.

But the iZombie forensic pathologists’ completely unsolicited comments on art and beauty at the start of Episode 2?

“Who doesn’t love an abstract nude?”
“I like my art provocative.”
“Also… blue is my favorite color!”

They’re so funny, so simple, and delivered in such awkward-medical-examiner quick succession, that they make us care about Ravi, played by actor Rahul Kohli.

And just when we thought we couldn’t like him any more than we already did, Ravi cops to something fundamental to the human condition–stealing sex tip magazines from his dentist’s office.

He admits that he doesn’t quite get “sex tip #4,” but someday he will! (And at this point, we hope he’ll demonstrate).

We watch Ravi reenact a crime scene while wearing a snug-fitting, checkered suit.

We see Ravi looking positively giddy as he notes Liv’s newfound flair for art: “Am I right in assuming this is a new skill?!”

We hear Ravi ask a zombie if he’s already used: “the facilities,” or if he could spare some urine for tests.

In an episode that centers on impulsiveness vs. self-restraint, we get to see more of Ravi’s wild side than ever before. He’s a flirt, he’s a thief, and he isn’t shy about asking for pee samples.

Tune in Tuesdays @ 9pm for more of Dorky. Sexy. Doctor. Ravi.


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