By Alyssa Pereira

American Sniper continued its box office reign over Super Bowl weekend, solidifying its place as a contender for the highest grossing movie released in 2014.

Meanwhile, three new films utterly flopped, only rolling in around $18 million between them.

Project Almanac failed, bringing in only enough to debut slightly higher than Michael Bay’s production company’s worst film, The Hitcher. The likely cause? The “footage” genre has become overwrought and has fallen out of favor with audiences.

While Black or White, a film starring Kevin Costner received decent reviews, it didn’t fare well over the weekend. It might have better longevity than some other opening weekend flops, but don’t expect to see it take in more than $20 million.

The Loft bombed. Taking in only $2.88 million (due in large part to the lack of marketing behind it), the film will probably not gross more than $7 million by the time it closes in theaters.

In other news, the “Game of Thrones” event reigned in about $1.5 million, which, considering it only played at a handful of theaters nationwide, is pretty impressive.

Here’s the full weekend box office (via Box Office Mojo):

1. American Sniper $31,850,000
2. Paddington $8,505,000
3. Project Almanac $8,500,000
4. Black or White $6,456,000
5. The Boy Next Door $6,093,000
6. The Wedding Ringer $5,700,000
7. The Imitation Game $5,173,000
8. Taken 3 $3,650,000
9. Strange Magic $3,441,000
10. The Loft $2,879,000


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