Labyrinth – ‘Part II’

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"Labyrinth" (credit: Tandem Communications)

“Labyrinth” (credit: Tandem Communications)


As Alaïs and Alice’s lives continue to be intertwined, but separated by time, they still are united in a common destiny to unfold, both ancient and modern-day conspiracies revolving around three hidden books – The Book of Words, The Book of Potions and The Book of Numbers.

Together, these tomes hold the secret of the true Grail, which dates back to the Ancient Egyptian era many years before Christ. Alaïs and those closest to her must battle to protect the secret and can trust no one.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Alice faces a race against time to put together the curiously familiar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle representing her long-buried history.

Source: The CW

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