Season 5 | Episode # | 05/16/14 @ 06:00pm

Lisa manufactures her own talking doll for little girls.

Grandpa realizes he will not live forever. He decides to give his relatives their inheritance before passing away. Homer takes Grandpa and his family shopping at the local mall, where he and the children spend their money buying toys. Lisa purchases a Talking Malibu Stacy doll, but is angered when she realizes it can only say vacuous phrases that reinforce sexist stereotypes. Grandpa, meanwhile, is angered when all of his grandchildren ignore him after spending their money.

Lisa convinces Marge to take her to the factory where Malibu Stacy is manufactured. They are taken on a tour of the facilities, but Lisa’s concerns about the doll are given standard corporate lip service. With Smithers’ help, Lisa tracks down Stacy Lovell, the reclusive inventor of the Malibu Stacy doll. Meanwhile, Grampa decides to take a job, and ends up working the drive-thru window at a local Krusty Burger.

Lisa convinces Lovell to fight the big toy companies and create a totally new doll that embodies the best qualities of female idols. The doll is named “Lisa Lionheart” and it receives a rave review from Kent Brockman. Meanwhile, the company that produces Malibu Stacy derails their competition by creating “Malibu Stacy Plus,” the exact same old doll with a new hat. Children enthusiastically buy the “new” doll, ignoring the Lisa Lionheart figure. But Lisa realizes that if her doll makes an impression to just one little girl, it will have been worth the effort. Meanwhile, Grampa tires of life in the fast food business, and comes to the conclusion that his place in life is on the other side of the Krustyburger counter voicing his dissatisfaction with the food and service.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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