Season 5 | Episode #5ABF04 | 05/05/14 @ 06:00pm

In a ghoulish gallery, Bart hosts three bloodcurdling tales of Halloween horror.

Bart hosts three terrifying tales based on paintings on exhibit in a ghoulish gallery. The first is “The Devil and Homer Simpson.” At the power plant, Homer offers to sell his soul for a donut. He is visited by The Devil—in the form of Ned Flanders—who grants Homer’s request. That night, Homer eats the last piece of the donut and The Devil reappears to claim his prize. Marge and Lisa protest and demand Homer be given a fair trial. Satan agrees to hold court at midnight, but until that time sweeps Homer into the bowels of Hell, where Homer is chopped into pieces for dog food. At the trial, Marge convinces a jury of damned souls that Homer is not the property of the devil.

The next scary story is “Nightmare at 5 1/2 Feet.” Bart has a nightmare that his school bus collides with oncoming traffic during a thunderstorm. That morning, during a raging thunderstorm, a jittery Bart boards the school bus with Lisa. As the ride progresses, Bart sees a demonic Gremlin ripping wires and metal from the side of the vehicle. But when the other children look out the window they see nothing. Bart sees the monster loosening nuts from the bus’s rear tire. In a last desperate act, Bart pulls the “Emergency Release” exit handle, hangs out the window, and shoots the monster with an emergency flare.

The last of the stories is “Bart Simpson’s Dracula.” Mr. Burns invites the Simpsons to his castle in Pennsylvania after closing a deal to buy the Springfield Blood Bank. Lisa, however, suspects that Burns is a vampire. At the castle, Bart is bitten by Burns, but Lisa’s claim that her brother is a vampire is scoffed at by Homer. That night, Lisa is awakened by Bart and his vampire friends, who float to her window. Homer and Marge see their son floating and become convinced he is one of the undead. Lisa tells Homer the only way return Bart to normal is to kill the head vampire—Mr. Burns. Homer drives a stake through his boss’s heart. But Lisa learns to her horror that her mother—and not Mr. Burns—is the head vampire.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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