Season 5 | Episode #5ABF03 | 05/06/14 @ 06:00pm

Marge joins divorcee Ruth Powers for a wild night on the town, only to discover that her friend is driving a stolen vehicle.

Marge pledges thirty dollars to her local public television channel and receives two tickets to the ballet. Homer gets his arms stuck in two vending machines and cannot accompany her to the performance. With no one else available, Marge invites Ruth Powers, a divorcee, to the ballet. The two have a great time and agree to go out again the following evening. Homer’s attempts to inflict guilt on Marge fall on deaf ears. But Marge is taken aback when Ruth pulls up to the house in a 1966 Thunderbird convertable, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket.

Homer determines to have his own night out on the town, but cannot find anyone who will join him. Instead, he hires Attorney Lionel Hutz to baby-sit his children and spends the night visiting old hangouts by himself. Ruth and Marge, on the other hand, visit local trendy nightclubs and fire a gun in a remote field. Homer hitches a ride back to town with Chief Wiggum. When Ruth sees the police cruiser she speeds away, admitting to Marge that she stole the Thunderbird from her husband when he fell behind on child support payments.

With Homer in the back seat of the cruiser, Chief Wiggum gives chase. Despite a chance to leave the car, Marge decides to remain loyal to Ruth and sticks by her despite her troubles with the law. The chase escalates and Wiggum’s vehicle is joined by other cruisers. Ruth decides to give up, but Marge grabs hold of the steering wheel and heads the car into the desert. Fearing the women will crash into a chasm, Homer grabs a bullhorn and apologizes to Marge for being a poor husband. Marge and Ruth stop their car, but Wiggum does not brake in time. The cruiser sails off the side of a cliff into a massive pile of garbage.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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