Season 5 | Episode #5ABF06 | 05/08/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart inadvertently joins the Junior Campers, and during a rafting trip, he becomes lost at sea with Homer and Ned Flanders.

Homer finds a twenty dollar bill beneath the living room couch. Before he has a chance to spend it, a gust of wind carries the money across town. Bart and Milhouse find the twenty dollar bill and order an all-syrup Super-Squishee from Apu. Their senses reeling from the high-sugar drink, Bart and Milhouse have a night on the town with what is left of their money. The next morning, Bart awakens with a sugar hangover and realizes—to his horror—that during his revelry he joined the Junior Campers.

Despite being taunted by school bullies, Bart finds that belonging to the group is not without its advantages: Mrs. Krabappel excuses him from taking a test so he may attend a Junior Campers meeting. Bart becomes intrigued that members get to carry a pocket knife, and he learns a variety of skills, such as building animal snares. Homer accompanies Bart on a father-son river rafting trip despite his son’s fear that he will embarrass him. They are joined by rafting partners Ned Flanders and his two sons, while Ernest Borgnine accompanies a boy without a father on another raft. But Homer’s incompetence sends the raft hurling down the wrong rapids, and soon the group finds itself floating far out to sea.

With the group hopelessly lost, Homer devours most of the food rations. As the days pass, hunger and exposure take their toll. Homer produces a Swiss Army knife and tells his son he intended to give it to him at the end of the trip. But Homer drops it and a magnifying glass burns a hole through the rubber raft. As the raft sinks, Homer smells hamburgers. He looks at a Krutsyburger map and realizes a restaurant is located on a nearby oil rig. Guided by the smell of food, Homer rows the raft through a thick fog, saving their lives. Bart hugs Homer and tells him he is proud of his accomplishment.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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