Season 4 | Episode #4ABF19 | 04/28/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart, Lisa and a group of celebrities help Krusty turn his career around after his television show is cancelled.

The citizens of Springfield are bombarded with a media blitz hailing the arrival of Gabbo. But no clue is given as to who the mysterious Gabbo is. As the Simpsons watch television, a ventriloquist named Arthur Crandall exits a limousine with Gabbo, a ventriloquist dummy that resembles a young Jerry Lewis. Crandall announces that viewers can tune in to see Gabbo’s antics every afternoon at four o’clock. Bart and Lisa fear this may spell trouble for Krusty the Clown, who appears on another channel at that time. Krusty’s answer to the new competition is to perform his own ventriloquist act, a routine that fails miserably. The once famous clown tells his staff that the show has been cancelled.

Krusty’s efforts to find employment—and win at the racetrack—also fail. He even receives a crank call from Gabbo and is humiliated on television. Determined to ruin Gabbo’s career, Bart sneaks into the studio and turns on a television camera just as Gabbo is bad-mouthing his audience. Bart and Lisa find a disheveled Krusty on the side of a road and accompany him to his apartment. On the walls of Krusty’s apartment are old photographs of the clown with celebrities. Lisa tells Bart that if they can convince the actors to appear on a television special with Krusty, it could relaunch his career.

Bart and Lisa track down Bette Midler picking up litter on a highway, Hugh Hefner at his Shelbyville mansion, Elizabeth Taylor polishing Oscars at home, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers prepping a gig at Moe’s Tavern. All the stars except Taylor agree to appear on the special. But Bart and Lisa discover that in the interim Krusty has gained an enormous amount of weight. They take the clown to their home, and with the aid of Homer and Marge, Krusty loses the weight and learns how to throw pies again. With the additional help of Luke Perry and Johnny Carson, the show becomes an enormous hit, and Krusty’s career is back on top.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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