Season 5 | Episode #5ABF02 | 05/01/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer enrolls in a nuclear physics class at Springfield University and convinces three nerdy classmates to help him pull off a prank.

The power plant where Homer works receives a surprise inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. When Homer accidentally causes a nuclear meltdown during a test in a simulation van, officials from the NRC tell Mr. Burns that Homer’s job requires college training in Nuclear Physics. Homer’s college applications are all turned down. Burns intercedes by wielding his clout at Springfield University where he gets Homer accepted.

Based on what he has seen of college life on television, Homer believes that it is his duty as a jock to belittle all nerds. During a physics class, Homer offers to demonstrate his skill at operating a proton accelerator. But he only succeeds in causing another accident. The professor recommends Homer take special tutoring classes. The tutors are Gary, Doug and Benjamin… three young nerds. To liven things up, Homer and Bart plan a prank to kidnap Sir Oinks-A-Lot, the pig mascot of nearby Springfield A&M college. The three nerds reluctantly participate. But the nerds are caught harboring the pig and are expelled by Dean Peterson.

Homer feels sorry for the nerds and offers them his home as a place to stay. But Bart, Lisa and Marge object when the nerds’ way of life begins interfering with their own. Homer plans another prank in which the nerds are supposed to save the Dean’s life. But the prank goes awry and Homer runs the Dean over in his car. At the hospital, Homer admits to Dean Peterson that the pig prank was his idea. Peterson allows the nerds to return to the university. The big final exam approaches, and with help from the nerds, Homer crams all night. But Homer fails the exam. The nerds use a computer to electronically alter the grade to an A plus. When Marge learns that her husband cheated, she demands that he take the course over again.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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