(KBCW) – Caution, major spoiler alert ahead…In a bold move by writers of the hit series “Arrow,” another major character has died. Queen Family matriarch, Moira Queen met the sharp end of Slade’s sword in a sacrificial stance to protect her children Thea and Oliver.

With just a three episodes left to the series second season finale, “Arrow” producers are staying true to the unconventional storytelling established early in the series. The decision to kill of Moira in such a dramatic (and traumatic) fashion was “difficult” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg admits to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kreisberg explains “It wasn’t something we were talking about last year. I don’t want to give the impression that [it was like] ‘Welp! Somebody has to die, let’s spin the wheel. And, bad luck Moira, Susanna has been with the show since the beginning and she was one of our big gets early on that really signaled to the audience and to reviewers that this wasn’t your average CW show, it wasn’t your average superhero show. Like with Colin Donnell, these last episodes are her pinnacle.”

In retrospect, much of Moira’s sins, as it were, needed some type of redemption. She was part of the Undertaking and paid for it by going to jail. Kept secret Thea’s true biological father in Malcolm Merlyn, in return she loses respect from her daughter. Moira reveals to Ollie her knowledge of his extra-curricular activities and tells him how proud she is of him. By her sacrificial death, Moira “could die a hero’s death” Kreisberg says.

The impact of Wednesday’s episode continues to trend on Twitter (#Arrow), with many fans shocked by turn of events. With three episodes remaining, the events of this episode will be pivotal in the future of “Arrow’s” storyline.

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