Season 4 | Episode #4ABF17 | 04/22/14 @ 06:00pm

Family and friends reminisce about Homer’s life after Bart’s April Fools’ Day prank sends him to the hospital.

Homer terrorizes Bart with April Fools’ Day pranks. After Homer exchanges good milk with sour milk and Bart takes a drink, Bart vows revenge. While spying on Homer in the kitchen, Bart notices Homer grab a beer out of the refrigerator and eagerly pop it open. Bart thinks of the perfect payback. He takes one of Homer’s beers and goes to the hardware store where he puts it in a high-speed paint mixer. Bart takes the can and puts it back in the refrigerator. Waiting eagerly for Homer to take the can and get sprayed in the face, Bart is disappointed when Homer shows no signs of thirst. To help things along, Bart turns up the heat in the house. Homer finally drags himself off the couch and gets Bart’s beer. When he pops it open, a violent explosion shakes the house, sending beer foam soaring into the sky.

Homer is rushed to the hospital where he is given X-rays. Noticing several abnormalities, Marge explains to the doctor some of Homer’s near run-ins with death (clips from previous shows). As Homer shows steady signs of recovery, the family sits around with him reminiscing about their family fiascoes (more clips). A candy machine crashes on Homer and puts him in a coma.

Feeling terrible for the prank he pulled, Bart reminds a comatose Homer of all the good times they have had (clips of Homer and Bart). Bart casually mentions that he was responsible for the exploding beer can. Suddenly, Homer shows signs of life. He lunges at Bart and begins choking him. Marge, Lisa and Maggie look on with joy as Homer now that Homer has returned to normal.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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