Season 4 | Episode #4ABF13 | 04/17/14 @ 06:00pm

Lisa feels pity for Ralph, a nerdy classmate, and gives him a card on Valentine’s Day. But to her horror, Ralph develops a crush on her.

On Valentine’s Day, the students in Lisa’s class exchange cards. Everyone gets cards except Ralph, a nerdy boy and son of Chief Wiggum. Feeling bad for Ralph, Lisa quickly signs a card and gives it to him. Ralph is instantly smitten. After school, Ralph walks Lisa home. But Lisa has absolutely no feelings for Ralph, other than pity. Lisa turns to Marge for advice on how to tell Ralph she does not think of him any more than just being a friend. Marge assures her honesty is the best policy. Lisa decides to try to avoid Ralph at school. But at rehearsal for their school play, Ralph is chosen to play George Washington to Lisa’s Martha.

Just when Lisa thinks she cannot take anymore, Ralph invites her to the Krusty Anniversary Show. Lisa really wants to go the show but does not want to give Ralph the wrong idea. Caught in a dilemma, she turns to Homer. Homer tells her to ignore her conscience and go to the show. Arriving at the theater, Lisa is paranoid that someone she knows might see her with Ralph. When Krusty interviews members from the audience, he picks Ralph. Ralph introduces Lisa as his girlfriend. Lisa, horrified, blurts out that the only reason she gave Ralph a Valentine’s card was because she felt sorry for him. Ralph’s heart breaks.

Lisa realizes she embarrassed Ralph on national television. She wants to apologize but does not get a chance before their school play. When the curtain rises, Ralph transfers his grief into his performance. Everyone in the audience is mesmerized by his acting, and after the show, young girls throw themselves at him. Later, Lisa gives Ralph another card, this time one that asks him to be her friend.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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