Season 4 | Episode #4ABF14 | 04/18/14 @ 06:00pm

Marge convinces Homer he may have a drinking problem. Lisa plots to humiliate Bart with her science project after he ruins an experiment.

Homer leaves work early and takes a tour of the Duff Brewery with Barney. On their way home, Homer is pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Homer has his license revoked and forced to attend Alch-Anon meetings.

Bart pelts Principal Skinner with a giant tomato Lisa grew as her science project. To get back at Bart, she decides to secretly use him in an experiment to see if a hamster is smarter than her brother. Lisa is pleased to see the hamster pass the tests and Bart fail miserably. Bart discovers Lisa’s fiendish plan to humiliate him with her science fair project. At the science fair, Lisa is ready to present her experiment when a crowd of students and judges flock to Bart’s project. Bart has stolen Lisa’s hamster, and dressed him like a little aviator with goggles and scarf for his experiment to demonstrate that hamsters can fly airplanes. Charmed by his cute experiment, Bart wins first place.

When Homer arrives home from an Alch-Anon meeting, Marge suggests that he might have a drinking problem. When Homer denies it, Marge asks him to stop drinking for a month. Homer pops open a beer and tells Marge he will do it. Despite temptation, Homer remains faithful, and looses weight and saves money in the process. On the last day of his beer fast, Homer has only one thing on his mind. He runs to Moe’s and orders a beer. But before he drinks it, he looks around and realizes what drinking has done to the regulars at the bar. Homer puts the beer down and goes for a bicycle ride with Marge.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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