Season 4 | Episode #4ABF12 | 04/16/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart tires of Homer’s lack of interest in him and chooses another father from the Bigger Brother program. Lisa struggles to kick the habit of dialing a 900 number.

When Homer forgets to pick Bart up following soccer practice, Bart wishes he had a better father. While watching television, Bart sees a commercial for Bigger Brothers, offering boys without positive role models a chance to experience beneficial companionship. Bart passes himself off as being an unwanted son. Without telling Homer, Bart gets a Bigger Brother named Tom. Bart and Tom hit it off, enjoying fun things Homer never would do.

Marge finds out that Lisa has been calling a 900 number to talk to Corey, a celebrity heart-throb. Lisa promises she will never make another call. But Lisa is caught making 900 number phone calls from Principal Skinner’s office. She decides to go cold-turkey and sets midnight as the goal she must meet to prove she has kicked the habit. Lisa fights temptation, counting the minutes until 12:00. With only a few minutes left, Lisa struggles to keep herself off the phone. Losing her battle, she grabs the phone and dials. Later, Marge finds Lisa sleeping with the phone to her ear. She listens to the phone and hears the computer generated voice of the “time” operator. She smiles.

Homer finds out Bart has a Bigger Brother and decides to get even. He signs up to be a Bigger Brother and befriends a little boy named Pepi. Pepi is so desperate for a father figure, even Homer looks good. Together, they do all the things Homer wants to do, and Pepi is as happy as can be. Bart and Tom run into Homer and Pepi. Believing Homer is a mean, drinking, gambling, tyrant, Tom beats him up. Feeling bad, Bart tells Homer he never meant for him to get hurt. Bart renews his father-son bond, but not before he gets Tom to be Pepi’s Bigger Brother.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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