Season 4 | Episode #4ABF07 | 03/15/14 @ 08:00pm

Homer and Barney vie for Springfield’s lucrative snow plowing business.

Homer smashes both of the family cars after driving home from Moe’s during a snow storm. When Homer’s insurance refuses to cover the damages, he is forced to buy a second hand car. Homer decides to go to the convention center to check out the auto show. He runs into Adam West, the original Batman. But Homer really excited when he lays his eyes on a super deluxe snow plow. Homer buys the plow and immediately sets up his own snow plowing business, “Mr. Plow.” But business is bad, until he makes his own commercial which airs on late, late night TV. Business begins to boom. Thanks to Homer and his plow, Springfield remains operational during the snowy winter.

Stopping by Moe’s after work one night, Homer finds Barney moping about his life. Homer advises Barney to take control of his life and make something of himself, just like he did. Barney takes Homer’s advice to heart. The next morning, Homer leaves the house to begin plowing snow. He is startled to find Barney, too, has bought a snow plow. After Barney does a commercial for his “Plow King” business using Linda Ronstadt, he takes over all of Homer’s customers.

While watching television, Homer gets an idea. He disguises his voice and calls Barney, asking him to plow his driveway on top of the avalanche prone Widow’s Peak. Barney accepts the job and never returns. Homer’s business booms again. But when he learns Barney is stuck under an avalanche, Homer decides he has to save him. Using his snow plow, Homer saves Barney’s life. Barney is so grateful, he offers to be partners with Homer. Homer accepts and announces that even God could not stop them from being successful. As soon as he says that, the clouds part, the sun shines down and a freak heat wave hits Springfield, and immediately puts their new partnership out of business.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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